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À go, on ralentit
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At Go, We Slow Down!

12 months to get back to basics

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À go, on ralentit 12 mois pour se reconnecter à l'essentiel

A brief guide to slow living, the Rose Buddha way.

Let's face it, life flies by. If we are always in a rush, we end up running out of steam and losing sight of what really counts. So what if we decided to slow down? Slow living, a philosophy of life originating in Scandinavia, encourages us to re-examine the pace at which we choose to enjoy our (too short) time on Earth.

To help you do this, Madeleine Arcand and Maxime Morin, pioneers of the movement in Quebec, accompany you as friends, sharing, without holding back, their thoughts on life, consumption, balance, performance and happiness. In 12 chapters, each devoted to a specific theme (mental health, physical health, zero waste, decluttering, morning routines, sleep, diet, habits, priorities, etc.), they encourage you to move gradually toward a slow living lifestyle, one step at a time. Using examples, exercises, practical tips and personal stories, they gently and humorously guide you in your quest for a freer life, one true to your values and goals.

 •    The slow living trend is more and more widespread.
 •    The book is both very practical (exercises, tips, advice, etc.) and very artistic, with a layout that stimulates rejuvenation and inspiration. See complete product information (French)
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22.50 $ CAD
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February 2020
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288 pages


Madeleine Arcand

Madeleine Arcand

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)

Maxime Morin

No english biography of the author. See full author information (French)

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