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Qu'en pense mon naturopathe?
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Clear and concrete answers to 40 general health questions

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Qu'en pense mon naturopathe? Des réponses claires et concrètes à plus de 50 questions en santé globale

Most people are confused as to what makes up a healthy diet. In recent years, an increasing number of scientific studies have contradicted established dietary beliefs. For example, what are consumers who are now told that milk
does not protect against bone fractures supposed to think, given that they have been repeatedly told for years that it was important to consume three servings of dairy products a day to prevent osteoporosis? What about gluten and fruit juice? Added to this is the slew of information available on the Web. This chaos has at least two major repercussions: it sows doubt, and many people, not knowing which leg to stand on, will no longer make any effort to improve their lifestyle. This growing confusion leads others to adopt unfounded diets.

In this book, Dr. Crisafi demystifies roughly forty diet-related,
general health topics, including special diets, gluten, vegetarianism,
allergies, vitamins and minerals, milk, food supplements,
and many more.

Strong points

Practical advice for finding your way and tips for making good daily choices.

The author has lengthy experience as a clinician. His background in nutritional biochemistry, naturopathy and herbal medicine brings a unique multidisciplinary viewpoint to the issue of diet.

The author's talent for popularizing information
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18.00 $ CAD
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June 2019
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352 pages


Daniel Crisafi

Daniel Crisafi

Daniel Crisafi has a master's in science and a doctorate in nutrition, with a specialization in nutritional biochemistry. The author of several books, Dr. Crisafi has more than 25 years of clinical experience. In 2004, he was inducted into the Canadian Health Food Association's Hall of Fame. See full author information (French)

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